A Revolution in my Prosthetic Workflow

“I started using the Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner two years ago, and from the very start, it was so easy to learn and use. Since integrating it into my practice, it has completely revolutionized my prosthetic workflow. I can take quick and precise scans and, moreover, through DWOS Connect, which allows a direct connection to DWOS design software, the post-scan production digital workflow has greatly reduced the delivery time and number of appointments. I currently scan both natural teeth and implant scanbodies, plus with the integration between scanner and coDiagnostiX Implant Planning software, I can take preliminary scans for surgical guide design and production. There’s no going back for me, I am very happy with my decision.”

Dr. Vincenzo Santomauro
Studio Dentistico Dr. Santomauro
Battipaglia, Italy


Significant Gains in Productivity

“Our team was won over by the user-friendliness and breadth of the current and future capabilities of the DWOS software that allows us to handle a wide variety of prosthetic cases. Importantly, as an open system, DWOS allows us to work with a multitude of partners with very different equipment configurations. Our lab has experienced significant productivity gains by using the multi-die scanning option. It allows us to scan and design 30 elements in 15 minutes; once the first scan is finished we can start designing that element while the scanner continues to scan the others.”

Pascal Bongert
Manager, Laboratoire Bongert
La Roche sur Yon, France


Precise Fit and Adaptation

“My local lab began scanning my impressions with the iSeries Impression scanner last year. We have been doing mostly full contour crowns with the technology and I have been thrilled with the precise fit and adaptation. My crown seating times are significantly shorter and remakes have been virtually eliminated. Additionally, my lab gets the crowns back to us within five days, which limits the time our patients are in temporaries. I could not imagine going back to the old method.”

Dr. Allan Coopersmith
Montreal, Canada


Significant Increase in Quality

“We are using the 7Series Model & Impression scanner on a daily basis since a couple of years. We can declare that this incredible machine changed our life. It includes three scanning devices in ONE and serves us as a door opener to every modern dental office in our region. Our lab is now able to design and produce a wide variety of prosthetic products of excellent quality. We can produce everything, from a single coping to a complex implant solution.”

Daniel Pokorny MSc.
CEO CHIRONAX Dental labor s.r.o.
Czech Republic


Direct Access to Outside Production Centers

“I have owned a 3Series Impression scanner for three years and have gained great confidence that Dental Wings will always keep me up to date with the latest evolving technologies. On the other hand, we experienced an increase in productivity and efficiency, thanks to the direct access to several implant providers. I also appreciate the simplicity to send files instead of models.”

Franck Benavent
Laboratoire de prothèse dentaire Benavent
Pernes les Fontaines, France


Advantages of Digital Implant Planning

coDiagnostiX is a very easy software to use and hence it can be used not only by specialists, either in a dental clinic or in a digital imaging and planning support center like ours, but also by dentists who desire to digitally plan their cases but are time-constrained. Another practice-enhancing aspect of coDiagnostiX is its functionality for presenting cases to patients, including an iPad App for patient communication.
Based on my experience with coDiagnostiX software and surgical guides, I can say it is second to none and would recommend it to any dentist wanting to use the full advantages of digital implant planning.”

Robert Slominski
Co-owner and Managing Director, Dental Crafters and Implant Solutions
Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA


Follow-up and Customer Care

“I chose Dental Wings over other platforms because of their people and their commitment to help my business improve. The follow-up and customer care that I have gotten from the Dental Wings people is what really turned me on to their system.”

Kurtis Helm
President and Owner, Helm Dental Lab
Wylie, Texas, USA