DWOS 7.2 Update is Available Now!

January 18, 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of the Dental Wings DWOS 7.2 software.

This latest DWOS 7.2 update is compatible with the Dental Wings 7Series, 3Series, and iSeries Scanners, as well as stand-alone software licenses. This version is not compatible with the 5Series Scanner.

Among new features is included the possibility for cases sent from the Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner without a treatment plan to be imported as a Model Builder, Bite Splint, Orthodontic, or Partial order.

Additional improvements have been made on Crown & Bridge /Implant, Virtual Wax-up, Model Builder and Partial Framework, as well there is an improved global stability of the software. You’ll find more details in the Release Notes.

Click here to view our release communication.