DWOS Lava Edition 3.9 in video

August 28, 2014

With DWOS 3.9 upgrade, 3M Lava Scan ST users can access all the great developments implemented by Dental Wings in the DWOS platform since version 3.5.

Watch the video to see the latest improvements and new features included in DWOS Lava Edition 3.9.

Crown & Bridge

  • Anatomy design: smoother deformation with shaping tool
  • New automatic adjusting contact points
  • Better automatic prosthesis propositions with new adaptation environment features using surrounding teeth informations

Implant Prosthetics

  • New abutment creation wizard (streamlined mode)
  • Custom gingiva former (custom implant healing abutment)
  • Virtual waxing: gingiva base line editing and dental bands
  • Bars: several new profile types available

Model Builder

  • New flexible saw cut models
  • Zimo models with Dental Wings occlusor
  • Improvements of serial ID parameters/tagging
  • Stabilization bar

Partial Frameworks

  • New partial framework creation wizard

New output formats

  • New Hyperdent® and CADesthetics output formats