Highlights of DWOS 3.9 in video

August 29, 2014

See how the new features of DWOS 3.9 improve the ease of use and productivity of our software solution.
DWOS version 3.9 is compatible with all Dental Wings scanners — the 7Series, 5Series, 3Series, and iSeries — as well as standalone software licenses.
It is also available as DWOS Lava Edition. The following is an overview of the features and improvements.

Implant Prosthetics – Bars

  • Improved custom bar profile editor
  • New bars profiles: cross, lambda, trapezoidal and staircase
  • New design tool: cutout on advanced bars for increased retention

Crown & Bridge

  • Anatomy design editing: smoother deformation with shaping tool
  • New automatic adjustment of interproximal contact points
  • New telescopic crown option: shoulderless
  • New “group” attachment axis definition

Model Builder

  • Improvement of tag options and tag editing features
  • Stabilization bar option for full arch models

Integration with coDiagnostiX

  • New impression scanning Wizard for immediate export of the STL file and subsequent import into coDiagnostiX.