Introducing Dental Wings 3D Printers in collaboration with RapidShape and Shera Werkstoff-Technologie

March 22, 2017

The high speed, accuracy, and reliability of the new Dental Wings professional grade 3D printers are combined with multiple certified materials, enabling dentists and laboratories to cover a wide range of applications: Models Castable wax patterns Drill guides Temporary crowns and bridges Custom impression trays And much more! Read the press release.

Dental Wings is pleased to introduce the 2nd generation Dental Wings Lasermill™ system for dental restorations

March 17, 2017

The Dental Wings Lasermill establishes a new category of dental production technology, offering unprecedented opportunities for dental clinics, labs and production centers to create restorations, using a wide range of proven materials, for unsurpassed quality and ease-of-use. Read the press release.

ClearCorrect to receive Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner cases and Straumann® CARES® Intraoral Scanner Cases

February 24, 2017

Dental Wings is pleased to announce that ClearCorrect customers will soon be able to submit cases via Dental Wings Intraoral Scanners and Straumann® CARES® Intraoral Scanners. This workflow improves convenience for the submitting dentist and eliminates the uncomfortable physical impression process for the patient. Read the press release.

Introducing Dental Wings DWOS Lab Management Software

February 24, 2017

Dental Wings DWOS Lab Management is a cloud-based solution for dental lab managers and staff members designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both digital and analog workflows in dental laboratories of all sizes. Employing an intuitive user interface, accessible through a web browser from any computer or tablet, DWOS Lab Management simplifies managing […]

Introducing Powder-Free Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner Handpiece

February 22, 2017

The NEW Powder-Free Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner handpiece leverages the unique Dental Wings Multiscan Imaging™ technology to provide the same class leading ergonomics, patient comfort, and clinical access with an exceptionally small and robust handpiece. The new powder-free capability will further increase the convenience and comfort of using the revolutionary Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner for tooth-borne and implant-borne […]