Release of DWOS 6.0

May 24, 2016

Our development team is proud to bring this exciting new upgrade to our DWOS platform. Our goal with each new release is always to bring our user community new features and improvements that increase efficiency and productivity. We thank our user community for their valuable feedback and suggestions that continue to inspire our team to bring meaningful innovations to digital dentistry.

Within the DWOS 6 release notes are the following highlights:

CAD features
  • Version 2.0 of the Tooth Chain Technology. Automatic proposals are better than ever and interproximal contacts are spot on.
  • The design of telescopic restorations was made easy with our totally redesigned telescopic coping. They are now computed from 3 lines that you can modify interactively.
  • Virtual waxing is now much easier to use with the new virtual waxing order type. We remind you that virtual waxings completely bypass the need to make a hand-made waxing by providing very flexible anatomies and gingiva that you can play with before globally reducing or converting it into a prosthesis.
  • A new feature allowing for the combination of a designed partial framework on the milled crowns.
Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner integration
  • The recently launched Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner is now seamlessly integrated with the DWOS platform and DWOS Connect allowing for easy communication between dentists, labs and production centers.

For more details about 6.0 upgrade, please consult the complete release note or the instructions of this version

New in DWOS

Watch this video for an insight of some of the greatest improvements featured in DWOS 6.0.