Release of DWOS 6.1

September 8, 2016

Our development team is proud to bring the exciting new upgrade 6.1 to our DWOS platform. Dental Wings is dedicated to respond both to the needs of users who require powerful algorithms to go through a design session as efficiently as possible, and to the concerns of users who prefer to keep dimensional control over every aspect of their design. In those regards, this release has to offer to everyone.

Namely, among the improvements are faster editing of tooth chain, fewer steps for inlay and veneer design and multi-editing modes combined with uniform scaling for improved efficiency; finer controls for telescopic copings and option to skip morphing of inlays with anatomy pre-position, for enhanced control. Not to forget in this version: less click with keyboard shortcuts and streamlined DWOS Synergy™ workflow.

For more details about DWOS 6.1 upgrade, please refer to the complete release note or the instructions of this version.