The 2nd Generation System
for Dental Restorations

The Dental Wings Lasermill establishes a new category of dental production technology, offering unprecedented opportunities for dental clinics, labs and production centers to create restorations, using a wide range of proven materials, for unsurpassed quality and ease-of-use.

Lasermill preview

Laser Milling of Dental Restorations

The Dental Wings Lasermill system utilizes millions of short, high-intensity laser pulses to remove small amounts of material from a standard block until the restoration is completed. The extremely small laser spot size allows a resolution more than 10X higher than traditional CNC mills, resulting in extremely life-like restorations.

The Dental Wings Lasermill reduces the cost and variability of in-office production of high-quality restorations by eliminating cutting tools, coolants, and complex setups. Moreover, the Lasermill has an integrated 3D scanner to perform in-process quality control, unlike traditional CNC mills which require downstream manual quality control measurements.

Highlights of the Lasermill System

A complete chairside solution with the Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner, DWOS Chairside and Lasermill offer unprecedented capabilities and simplicity for the dental practice. As an open system, the Dental Wings Lasermill can also be connected with other open scanning and design solutions.

Low Operating Costs
No burrs or spindles to replace, no cutting fluid to manage or compressed air; just low energy consumption and a long life laser with extended warranty.

Efficient Operation
Quick to set up and start, comparable cutting times to dental milling machines, and no need for secondary crystallization steps for glass ceramic.

Proven Dental Materials Capability
Processes commercially available name-brand polymers, composites, hybrid ceramics and glass ceramic materials.

Technology and Material Optimization
Huge potential to optimize the final result with the use of materials developed specifically for laser ablation technology.

Easy to Install and Use
Standard electrical supply (110/240 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase 15 A), Internet connection, magnetic block holding, low noise operation and reliable industrial laser.

Design Freedom
Allows for detailed and high resolution features (no chipping of thin edges), not possible with traditional milling.

Future Proof
The Lasermill can be reconfigured remotely via software enhancements to perform additional functions and to process new materials as they become available.

Dental Wings Lasermill

A Revolution in Dental Production Technology

Using a touch screen, the user simply selects the file corresponding to the restoration to be made from a network directory, inserts a block mounted on a magnetic holder into the machine, and initiates the fully automatic laser milling process. The user can be prompted remotely once the milling operation is complete to retrieve the finished restoration.

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