Portable Intraoral Scanner

New Design Philosophy

Based on the same innovative technology as the original Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner, the new Dental Wings Portable Intraoral Scanner has all the same performance yet in a small portable form factor. Ideal for practices with limited space or multiple operatories.

Coming soon! Powder-Free Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner Handpiece

Portable Intraoral Scanner

Open workflows for tooth-borne and implant-borne restorations, removable prosthetics, and orthodontic cases are available to users of the portable Intraoral Scanner.

Seamless connectivity between dental clinics and laboratories is enabled through an intuitive communication platform called DWOS Connect. Open export of STL file format allows dentists immediate access to the scan data for chairside production or to collaborate with their laboratory partners while the patient is still in the chair.

Users of the simple to use yet powerful Dental Wings DWOS CAD suite of design applications, as well as other open dental CAD software, will be able to import the scan data directly.

Key Benefits of the Portable Intraoral Scanner

  • The portability of this small, lightweight format is ideal for customers with space limitations in their dental clinic, or who wish or need to move their IO scanner frequently.
  • The remarkably small handpiece ensures patient comfort and allows dentists to assume a natural position relative to their patient when scanning.
  • Gesture recognition technology for infection control allows for a touch-free operation of the system.
  • Review tools provide essential real-time evaluation of the clinical situation, such as occlusal distance and undercuts, ensuring that the ensuing CAD design generates the best possible restoration.
  • Captured data is wirelessly transmitted to in-office or remote systems for immediate prosthesis design and production.
  • Clinicians can choose either the freedom of open STL data or DWOS Connect for optimal collaboration with laboratory partners.
  • The intuitive and streamlined plan editor allows the quick creation of a full prescription to be sent, along with the scan data, to the lab partner through DWOS Connect.
  • Visual and audible feedback keeps the dentist’s focus on the patient rather than on the technology.
  • Flexible and customizable, the linear workflow provides the dependability of a process to accommodate respective needs.

Coming Soon! Powder-Free Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner Handpiece

The NEW Powder-Free Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner handpiece leverages the unique Dental Wings Multiscan Imaging™ technology to provide the same class leading ergonomics, patient comfort, and clinical access with an exceptionally small and robust handpiece (105 gram weight).

Five miniaturized 3D scanners in the handpiece tip directly view the teeth and soft tissue from multiple orientations simultaneously, capturing even the most difficult to see areas of preparations with minimal effort by the user. The powder-free capability will further increase the convenience and comfort of using the revolutionary Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner for tooth-borne and implant-borne restorative indications.

The Powder-Free Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner handpiece is compatible with the original Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner cart and the new Portable Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner systems. All existing Dental Wings Intraoral Scanners can benefit from the new Powder-Free Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner handpiece (plug compatible) through a convenient handpiece and software upgrade package available for purchase.

Available in July 2017 – Special upgrade offers will be available for existing customers and those customers who purchase a Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner prior to July 2017.
Please contact Dental Wings or your Dental Wings reseller for more information on how to purchase the powder-free upgrade.

Intraoral Scanner Handpiece

Watch Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner in Action

Quick overview of Dental Wings intraoral scanner. Notice its very small scanning tip and convenient gesture control.

Our CEO Michael Rynerson presents the intraoral scanner at IDS 2015.

Chairside Solution Product Family

Chairside CAD Solution for Dentists

Designed to provide a fast and intuitive prosthetic CAD design solution, Dental Wings DWOS Chairside CAD is a stand-alone open design software that can be combined with an intraoral scanner or impression scanner and milling machine to create a complete in-office solution.

Based on a decade of CAD systems development for dental laboratories, Dental Wings DWOS Chairside CAD software utilizes our latest innovative technology within an optimized user interface and special design tools to enable quick design highly-aesthetic restorations such as inlays, onlays, full contour crowns, and veneers to be milled in the dental office.

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