3Series scanner

Model Scanner

Compact 3D system embedded with a powerful computer and offered in a flexible CAD configuration. An affordable solution to which additional DWOS applications can be added at any time.

3Series scanner

A customizable and affordable lab system

The 3Series is an entry level plaster model scanner delivered with the DWOS Crown & Bridge application as the basic configuration.

It offers the ultimate flexibility for the laboratory wishing to embrace CAD/CAM technology at its own pace while keeping costs to a minimum. As the business grows and requirements expand, complementary applications can be installed as needed.

Optimal scanning technology

The 3Series scanner is a compact device for desktop use, with cutting-edge technology powered by a 64-bit processor and high-speed measuring camera that rapidly produces high-quality scans of full arch models and wax-ups within a 90 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm chamber.

Highlights of the 3Series system

  • High-precision scanning of models (including wax-ups)
  • An on-board computer with 64-bit processor
  • High productivity through automatic scan and design wizards
  • Automatic multi-die mode: up to 12 elements scanned and designed in 8 minutes, unattended
  • Simultaneous opposing arch design
  • Flexible design capabilities: add additional DWOS CAD applications as needed
  • DWOS Connect for easy clinic-to-lab or lab-to-outsourcing communication
“I’ve owned a Dental Wings 3Series for three years and have gained great confidence that Dental Wings will always keep me up to date with the latest evolving technologies. We experienced an increase in productivity and efficiency thanks to the direct access to several implant providers. I appreciate the simplicity of sending files instead of models.”

Franck Benavent
Laboratoire de prothèse dentaire Benavent
Pernes les Fontaines, France

Flexible software configuration — The basic software configuration is DWOS Crown & Bridge application. Other applications are optional.
Flexible software configuration
Scanning capacities — The 3Series scans full arch dental models and dies with high accuracy.
Scanning capacities
Automatic multi-die mode — The 3Series multi-die mode performs scan and design of 12 copings in 8 minutes.
Automatic multi-die mode
Full crown wizard - scanning — Prior to scanning, video preview of the model to select the area of interest.
Full crown wizard - scanning
Full crown wizard - dental points — Definition of the dental points.
Full crown wizard - dental points
Full crown wizard - automatic proposal — Automatically generated crown proposal.
Full crown wizard - automatic proposal
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