Dental design software that offers a fully open, seamlessly integrated ecosystem of technologies that work together to create beautiful dental restorations.

New DWOS 8 Software Update
Now Available

The latest update offers new and enhanced features designed to further simplify the creation of dental CAD/CAM restorations.


The comprehensive prosthetics design suite

DWOS (Dental Wings Open System) is the foundation of our software applications, and makes reference to our open architecture approach. The DWOS platform is what drives our 3D scanners, but it is also available as a stand-alone design software.

DWOS covers a complete range of dental indications such as crowns, implant bars and bridges, full and partial dentures, custom abutments, onlays, veneers and more. Plus, DWOS is modular and can be expanded to new indications to meet the evolving needs of the dental lab.

Open architecture software = freedom

The open architecture of DWOS gives users flexibility to work with clinical information, design processes, and down-stream production processes as they choose. Likewise, a wide range of materials, implant kits, crown anatomies, etc. are also made accessible.


coDiagnostiX Implant Planning Software

Combining the power of DWOS with Dental Wings, coDiagnostiX allows users to work simultaneously with 3D X-ray and intraoral scan data in real time to optimize implant placement and associated prosthetic design. Once completed, the data can be submitted to a local production center or exported to validated production partners around the world ensuring our customers are in total control.

coDiagnostiX is one of the most comprehensive and trusted dental implant surgery planning software available today. For over fifteen years, it has led the industry in innovation, making surgical planning and drill guide production safe, efficient, and economical. It provides a completely digital workflow for implant cases, including surgical guide design and immediate design of both temporary and permanent restorations.

DWOS Synergy communications feature

DWOS is integrated with coDiagnostiX through DWOS Synergy, which allows dental lab technicians and dentists to work together in real time to determine the optimal implant position for the desired outcome and design of the best prosthetics. This integrated digital workflow simplifies the collaboration among dental professionals and improves the quality of treatment.



DWOS Connect – The powerful and flexible network in digital dentistry

DWOS Connect is an extremely powerful network platform that links dentists, laboratories, production centers, and other collaborators, allowing them to share case details, 3D scans, design files, invoices, digital images, and other information when and where it is needed across the entire value chain.

Secured file transfers, customizable rule-based data management, archiving, and real-time reporting are all key attributes of DWOS Connect. Based on an award-winning Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) engine, DWOS Connect can be configured to enhance the customer’s operations, from small laboratories to multinational industrial-scale organizations.


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