A cloud-based solution for lab managers and staff members designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both digital and traditional workflows in dental labs of all sizes.
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Streamline your lab workflow with this breakthrough in cloud-based management software

Employing an intuitive user interface, accessible through a web browser from any computer or tablet, DWOS Lab simplifies case management, case-related data organization, and monitoring of the lab’s activities so you get a complete overview in real time.

Innovative scheduling tools, operations dashboards, file management to and from outside partners and dentists, and integration with the full range of Dental Wings solutions are just a part of the power of DWOS Lab.

Based on years of close relationships with its customers, Dental Wings has developed standard as well as completely customizable workflows covering the spectrum of manual and digital manufacturing activities in the dental lab.

Productivity-boosting tools

  • Unique Lab-Kanban methodology for minimizing shelf-time between tasks.
  • Automatic scheduler and automatic flags that warn of impending delays.
  • Prioritized tasks by employee including details, notes, and documents when needed.
  • Simplified output of travellers (case document), shipping documents, and invoices.

Data management systems

  • Real-time case exchange is integrated with Dental Wings products, and completely open to connect to any other CAD/CAM process.
  • Laboratory and production time is saved by reducing time wasted in searching the next case or fetching data.
  • Case information is exchanged automatically, reducing double entries and errors.
  • Communication with dentists via customer portals reduce redundant data entry and reduce miscommunication issues.

Performance dashboards

  • Continuous overview of the most relevant data to help improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ability to monitor individual workstation level activities as well as overall operations with a number of key performance indicators.
“With the increasing number of digital workflows, labs are looking for solutions to streamline and manage their production efficiently. We’re excited to introduce this powerful and integrated management system to meet these needs and help lab owners significantly optimize their daily operations.”

Robin Provost
Founder and EVP Software Development
Dental Wings

One-stop case management

When considering a full-cycle workflow, DWOS Lab is the one place for labs to manage their digital and traditional cases seamlessly and simultaneously.

  • The production dashboard shows the current production load, flagged cases to warn of possible delay, plus it monitors critical cases, and keeps track of outsourced cases.
  • Workflows are ready-to-use and user-friendly, allowing for any case-specific adjustments.
  • Invoices are configurable and all shipments can be tracked.

It’s all about sharing

Leveraging Dental Wings product integrations, data and production status can be shared in real-time between the dentist, lab, and production center, reducing irritating double entries and file transfer errors.

Reduce production time, boost productivity

Based on the manufacturing industry-proven Kanban methodology, Lab-Kanban improves productivity by creating dynamic worksheets and schedules that are always synchronized with the latest changes in case information and priorities.

Dynamic schedules

DWOS Lab creates dynamic employee schedules based on Lab-Kanban, the current workload across the entire lab, and the requested delivery dates. As priorities and workloads change throughout the day the master schedule as well as the individual schedules are automatically updated to optimize the overall throughput of the lab.

Employees have access to a dynamically updated individual list of tasks and cases in order of priority, providing them online case details, notes and documents. Lab employees won’t waste time tracking cases or trying to estimate which case to handle next, making it easy for them to focus on what they do best – adding important value to lab output.

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