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Our Model Builder meets the stringent demands of laboratories working with intra-oral or impression scan data to create precise models efficiently and economically. It allows labs to replace their manual model-making process with the equivalent digital creation, for faster and more consistent results.

From digital impression to articulated models

From an intra-oral or impression scan, DWOS Model Builder allows to generate watertight models for several dental indications. Physical articulated models with cut, pinned and ditched dies can be mass-produced either in-house or through a service provider.

For implant cases, DWOS Model Builder enables precise repositioning of the implant locators on the digital impression. It then creates a hole in order for the analog to be easily snapped into the 3D printed model. A removable gingival area, along with its separate manufacturing file, can be defined.

To cover the various manufacturing processes and some specific practices, several types of models are available. Here are a few:

  • Geller
  • Hollowed
  • Offset: with uniform thickness
  • Monoblock model: the die is fixed to the model and also printed separately
  • Sawcut models: for Baumann and Dentona plates
Virtual die extraction
Virtual die extraction
Model of an implant case with removable gingiva
Model of an implant case with removable gingiva
Geller model — Hollowed
Geller model
Sawcut model for Baumann plates — Also available for Dentona plates
Sawcut model for Baumann plates
Model for Zimo articulator
Model for Zimo articulator
Monoblock model — Instead of having a removable stump on a pin, the model comes in one solid block and a replica of the stump is manufactured on the side.
Monoblock model

Overview of DWOS Model Builder:

Virtual model builder application.

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