New Virtuo Vivo™
Intraoral Scanner

Create lasting impressions.
For dental professionals who want to benefit from the advantages of digital dentistry, Virtuo Vivo™ is the indisputable option for fast, accurate, and powder-less intraoral scanning in real color.

Unsurpassed scanning action and real-time digital results.

This 3D scanning technology packs the power of four miniaturized cameras and one projector into a small and lightweight handpiece. Virtuo Vivo™ provides real color scanning to optimize communication between dentist and patient, and for easier margin line marking.

Replace unpleasant dental impressions with highly-accurate digital data acquired quickly and easily.

Designed to address the needs of dental professionals looking for an intuitive technology for capturing digital impressions while keeping the focus on the patient rather than the technology.

Resembling a standard dental tool, the lightweight handpiece ensures unparalleled patient comfort and allows you to assume a natural position relative to your patient when scanning.

Removable & autoclavable tips.

Easy interchangeability of the tips reduces patient turnaround time.

Intraoral Scanner Handpiece

Intraoral Scanner


Real color scanning and increased field and depth of view.

Intraoral Scanner Handpiece

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